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If you love walking, you can do it in an unbeatable environment, combining the green of Arteixo Coast with the blue of the ocean or enterign our forests.

Sisalde Amarela

Sisalde Amarela

An almost virgin space. Bucolic. Otters and kingfishers can still be seen in its crystal clear waters.

The Sisalde river that flows into Barrañan, gives its name to this route. Continuing upriver we will find native trees that form the gallery forest: alder, willow, elder and hazel, among others. About fauna, the otter stands out, a mammal that develops its activity along the river.

The path covers a fairly wide spectrum of the biodiversity of the municipality of Arteixo. The northernmost area is the beach and dunes of Barrañán, where three well-differentiated areas can be distinguished: an embryonic primary dune, a secondary or mobile dune and a fixed gray or tertiary dune.